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Most Frequently Asked Questions!


What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an innovative idea to extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. They are applied to each individual of your natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luscious look.



What do eyelash extensions look like?

Because of proper application and correct technique apply individual one by one application so they will look and feel so natural. 

No one will know that you have extensions on. 


What are different between Classic lash, Volumn Lash and Hybrid lash?

Classic lash is 1:1 application. Great for natural look


Volumn lash is 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, when multiple lashes are applied to one single natural lash individualy isolating one natural lash at a time  to achieve more dramatic look. Volumn lash are more signifcantly thinner and fluffier than classic lash. 


Hybrid Lash is a combination of Classic and Volumn set to achieve more fuller look than classic set but less dramatic look than Volumn lash. This will give you a fuller look in between of above 2 applications.


How long will it take to apply Eyelash extensions?

Application take approximately within 1 hr where you could have a little comfort nap and enjoy this beautiful session. Be relax.



How long do eyelash extensions last for?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 5 or 6 weeks depends on how you take care of. Therefore infil will require between 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full. False lash are attached to your natural lash. Once your natural lash fall then the false one will fall. Base on your natural lash growth cycle. If you choose to get touch ups in between 2-3 weeks they will always look full and fresh as you desire.



How often should I get touch ups or Infil? 

We recommend get touch ups every 2-3 weeks. We can clean and regular check up your lash condition and keep lash in beautiful perfection shape always. If you wait too long then your false lash will fall out mostly or hanging or lost shape then you will require removal and Full set application. 



I am going on special occasion or on vacation, when is the best time for application?

If you are never have an eyelash extension application before. I am highly recommend to get it done 3-4 weeks before at the latest. Then book in next session 1-2 days before your special day. At this point you will feel comfort and get used to with application prior special day. This will also allow you to experience or experiment with different lashes, learn proper after care and to ensure that there are no allergies to the product.


Can I apply mascara on my eyelash extensions?

Yes you can. But we are not recommend due to the purpose to have eyelash extensions is to make your lashes look longer and fuller witout the use of mascara. To save your time to apply mascara everyday, so you are not any longer need mascara. They will cause you problem to take extra careful with cleansing, removing and ruin your both natural lashes and false one. You still can apply mascara on bottom lash.


I have sensitive eyes eg; watery eyes, allergic reaction over makeup or beauty product. Can I get eyelash extensions done?

Unfortunately, due to salon policy and customer safety is my number 1 first priority. I am unable to provide service to client with very sensitive eyes. This applied to all other service including eyelash/eyebrow tint.


Can I swim, shower, exercise or visit a spa or sauna while wearing eyelash extensions?

After application we highly recommend to keep treatment area dry and no touch water for 2 hrs. Then your lash application are safe,  bond and waterproof. 


Can I use eyelash curlers with eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend using eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions as this curlers will damage the extensions and possibly your own natural lashes.  The extensions do have a natural curl so you not any longer need eyelash curlers.



What should I do to prepare prior my eyelash extensions appointment day?

Yes, please make sure your eyes are clean with no mascara or any access of mascara on for the best result. Please do not wear contact lens for best comfort and safety tip.



How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

Do not get lashes wet for at least 2 hr for the best result

Use non oil base product for make up removal

Avoid hot steam sauna as they minimise the length of time of your lash application to be less than 3 week

Avoid sleepin on your stomach to avoid pressure on extensions

Do not rub, pulling, or pick your lashes

Do not pull lashes off your self as you are losing your own lashes and you may have a gap there

Do not use mascara

Do not use eyelash curlers



Who should not wear eyelash extensions?

Clients who have pre existing eyelid or eyes condition

Clients who has got extensive of watery eyes, twitching eyes

Clients who has got eyelashes damage from elsewhere and need waiting period before next application

Clients who can not follow after care instructions and are very rough to themselves

Clients who want a very heavy mascara look and do not have much own natural lashes to support it

Clients who have a condition called Trichotillomania, which is compulsive pulling or twisting of hair or eyelashes

Clients who are in chlorinated water always or many times a week

Clients who are unable control rubbing or pulling their eyes or eyelashes


Please check contra-indications prior booking.



Can I get very very long eyelash extensions?

Lash extension should be designed according to each individuals face. Base on clients face shape, the set of clients eyes, the shape of the clients eyes. Consultation prior application take place to make sure safety, satisfaction and beauty.


What are they made from? Are they made from real animal hair?

Silk lash made of high grade PBT ( Polybutylene Terephthalate )  which encourages them to hold their curl beautifully, softly and look most natural.

Mink lash made of high quality synthetic fiber lashes which are the most luscious, high gloss looking lashes in the market. These lash are black, silky and curled to perfection, just like 100% mink fur lashes. 

We are not use real animal fur for any eyelashes application as we anti and against animal cruelty.


How is the quality of the glue that use for eyelash application?

We only use the high quality glue and follow MSDS quideline. Just to confirm. Clients safety is our number 1 priority.




Who perform eyelash extensions? Can I trust? Am I in safe hand?

Please check out on my instagram page @ Facelift Flashlash.




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